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Intent to Study

The ICRGU Intent to Study Form is used as part of our application assessment process and we advise students to carefully respond to the questions provided in full as it forms an important part of our application assessment process.

ICRGU Intent to Study Form

Applicant Details

Please input date in format of dd/mm/yyyy

Guidance: Do not provide generic responses, we would like you to explain your reasons for choosing ICRGU/RGU specifically. What has attracted you to studying with us here, so you might want to discuss where the College and University is located and the University’s facilities. We are also looking to find out why you have chosen to study here rather than at another University.

Guidance: Choosing to study in another country is a big decision, so tell us why you have chosen to study in the UK rather than another country. Why have you chosen to study abroad instead of in your home country or elsewhere?

Guidance: What career are you hoping for? Can you tell me what that job role will involve? Do you want to work for a specific company or industry? How will studying this course help you achieve your career role? What skills from this course do you need that you don’t already have? What is your expected salary after completing this course and returning home? How do you know this?

Guidance: Where did you study this course? How long was the course? When did you finish? Did you successfully complete the course? If you are considering leaving a course of study, why have you chosen to do this? If your previous course are not clearly related to your chosen degree, why have your chosen to change your subject area?

Guidance: If in employment: What was the job? How does that relate to the course you have chosen to study with us? When did you finish this position? If you have completed high school in the past 12 months, please state so.

Guidance: Please provide your academic intention and motivation to return to studies providing examples and where you see yourself after completion of the programme.
Immigration History and Previous UK Studies

Financial Sponsorship


Knowledge of Student Visa Responsibilities
Please ensure that you click the link and read and confirm you understand your responsibilities under the UK student Visa Route:
Data Collection Notice
We collect personal information through a variety of sources, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. The information provided by you within this form will be used to help us to assess your application to study with us. Our Privacy Policy contains details of how you may access personal information we hold about you, seek the correction of such information and make a complaint against us if you are of the view that we have breached relevant legislation. It also contains details of how we will deal with a complaint made by you.

Please direct all complaints and queries in relation to your privacy or our privacy policy to the relevant representative as listed on our Privacy Policy.

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